A School Ride provides
safe, reliable & on-time transportation service to basis AND  XAVIER/BROPHY students.

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A School Ride LLC was born in August 2009, from our need to transport our daughter to and from BASIS Scottsdale. Driving Kristen to and from school, 20 miles away, twice daily, was not an option for two working professionals.

While carpooling was a possibility, our primary concern was liability insurance in case of an accident. Granted, we wanted our daughter to get the best available—public or private—education in Arizona. However, knowing that most non-commercial drivers carry close to the statutory minimum insurance coverage for their vehicles, we were unwilling to risk a worst-case scenario of an accident while carpooling to school with 2-3 other students.

We started this service with a minivan and 7 students of similarly minded parents from the Desert Ridge/Grayhawk areas. In our sixth year of operations we transport 104 students to and from BASIS Scottsdale in three distinct routes. We currently transport 43 students to Xavier and Brophy in two routes. In addition, we are preparing solutions for the transportation of students attending BASIS Phoenix, BASIS Phoenix Central, and BASIS Scottsdale Primary .

Our goal is to make student transportation to and from school available and affordable for as many students as possible.


A School Ride LLC is a licensed and insured transportation solution for students and their busy parents. Convenient pick-up and drop-off locations are close to students' homes and serve a growing student population.

As a true "family owned" operation (we are BASIS parents ourselves) we take our children’s safety and education seriously—providing safe, reliable and on-time student transportation is what we do.